Finance-themed promotional products are a great marketing investment and help increase brand awareness and customer loyalty. These seven products can be used as financial seminar gifts, banking giveaways, grand opening souvenirs, and more!

Chocolate Coin Gift Box
Chocolate Coin Box


This promotional product is pure gold (well, pure chocolate, which is just as good!) These chocolate coins come in a memorable gift box and are perfect for employee awards, event prizes, welcome gifts, or just to keep on your desk! 

Coin Pouch
Branded Coin Pouch


Worth investing in, this small coin purse is the perfect size to keep essentials in when you want to leave your bulky purse or backpack at home. You can also throw it in your pocket to keep your change close at hand. Add your logo or brand message for increased exposure. 

Credit Card USB
Credit Card USB


This sleek credit card is actually a USB flash drive! Because it’s the size of a card, it can easily be kept in a wallet. Plus, the unique design is eye-catching so your customers will want to use it all the time! You can even add your contact information to the USB flash drive and hand them out as business cards that clients will never forget.

Executive Pen
 Executive Pen

Executive pens are a staple at most financial institutions because they have a classic look that never goes out of style! This high-end, chrome pen will really make your logo pop no matter what color you choose. 


ID-Blocking Stamp
 ID Blocking Stamp

Help your customers keep all their personal information secure with these ID-blocking stamps. The pattern can quickly block out names, addresses, banking information, credit card numbers, and anything you don’t want others to see! Helping your customers protect themselves from identity theft is a valuable gift that they will be thankful for every time they remember their information is safe and sound. 

Piggy Bank
 Piggy Bank

Save your pennies for a rainy day with these classic piggy banks! These are one of the most popular financial promotional products for a reason; it’s something your customers will want to use and keep in their home for years to come. Piggy banks are also a great gift for children, encouraging them to start saving from an early age. 


Stackable Coin Bank
 Stackable Coin Bank

Another great option to keep loose change in and save money are these stackable block-shaped banks. When your customers collect multiple banks, they can improve their savings and create cool designs with various color options. This is one promotional product you can bank on for your next marketing campaign! 

Let us help you brand your business with banking products like these and tons more! Contact us today to get started. 

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April 05, 2022 — PT Marketing